What is a personal statement?

A personal statement contains…

  • Information all about you

  • Your achievements

  • Your strengths/your weaknesses

  • Your talents

  • Your interests and goals

A personal statement should define who you are and be written like you. University admissions people don’t want you to be anyone but yourself and want to see you express yourself within your writing. It shouldn’t be too formal but not casual either. Your topic should be unique and demonstrate an experience within your life that has dramatically changed you. Your essay should also include an element of personal growth.

Include skills you’ve developed, a brief overview of who you are (admissions process only see you on the paper! Don’t forget that), include your major you want to study in even if it’s only slightly mentioned. Admissions don’t want to hear why you want to study medicine, they want to see something that your test scores don’t show and how that relates to what you want to study.

In your personal statement, you should avoid cliches like ‘’To be or not to be that is the question’’ as they want to know about you not who you think they want you to be. The best personal essays start with a BANG! Something short, sharp and straightforward. It should start with something unexpected.

A personal statement should be around 650 words maximum however keep in mind quality over quantity. The key advice is to be authentic! Students should keep in mind that there is no perfect formula for an amazing or Ivy League worthy personal essay. Each individual is different and the way they write is different too. Choose a topic deeply personal to you not what others on the internet chose.

Students should spend a decent amount of time on the personal essay as its sent to every university that a student applies to however they should not waste too much time over perfecting it. There is no such thing as perfect. Students don’t want to get a bad ACT/SAT score because they spent way too much time over analyzing their personal essay.