How to get off the waitlist

During the application process, many doubts may come to mind whilst you're being evaluated all aspects of your life; and of course this is totally understandable because you’re preparing yourself for a big change. A turning point. When you’re waiting for those responses, you need to prepare yourself for acceptances and rejections, and the dreaded waitlist.

After all, what does a waitlist mean? What’s the thing about being waitlisted?

Instead of what common sense and insecurity might tell you, being waitlisted does not mean you’re not good enough for that school; actually, according to specialists interviewed by USnews, it means the Admissions Officer considers your application a very strong one and thus they need more time to decide between you and other equally competitive students. So, what do you do when you reach that nerve wracking place in the admissions journey?

1. Reassure your intention to attend.

We’ve seen some admissions specialists talking about it, but during the “waitlist time” many officers are waiting for applicants to show their continued interest in that college, and that might be your chance to stand out. Be ready to send any supporting documents that might solidfy you application. Aside from keeping touch with the university, this is also a good time to consider if the school is right for you.

2. Consider other universities

This is very important! Though you still may have the chance to be accepted, we don’t live in a sea of roses, right? Give yourself a chance to consider othercolleges for you. With thousands which offer a variety of experiences, you don’t have to limit your choice to one. That is also a great reminder of the importance of a balanced college list, to make you sure about you consider future opportunities each school provides.

3. Don’t give up on you

You still have options! Get yourself ready for the possibilities of assuming your intentions to the dream university, but don’t push yourself to be stuck in the same place. Continuing doing your activities, keeping your grades up and growing self-projects can be a watershed for future acceptances.

And last but not least, be patient!

Getting into this or that university does not need to define your life. Being flexible and honest with yourself will lead you to the best option for you. Don’t underestimate your power to change the circumstances, because, at the end of the day, college is simply one short part of life.