Apply Overseas - What To Know Before Moving

Updated: Apr 18, 2021


The process of applying for a visa only begins once your college application is complete. This means you must have…

  • Been accepted into the university

  • Obtained your Form I-20 from your school

  • Pay the SEVIS (Student and exchange visitor information system fee) at

Then begin by going to Travel.State.Gov and complete the visa application

  • Application fee is around 160 USD

  • Complete the DS-160 online application form

  • Find out the wait time, it varies between embassies

  • You will have to schedule an interview with the embassy

Visa interview tips

You will be asked about the following so make sure you have all your required information with you on the day


  • *It is normal for your fingerprints to be collected*

  • How do you plan to pay for your studies? You must be confident about this in particular

  • What do you plan to do and where do you plan to go once you have finished your studies?

Timeline Tips

  • Begin this step no later than 120 days before your planned departure

  • Do not book your flights until you officially have your visa

  • If your visa is declined, notify your school of this so a plan such as a later start date can be organised

  • You can enter the US 30 days before classes start, must depart 60 days after program completion

Types of Visas

These Visas do not come with any health insurance

All colleges will require you to have sufficient health coverage, some will have school-sponsored insurance while others do not.

There are no federal insurance requirements for F1 visa holders, therefore institutions may handle health insurance for these students in a variety of ways:

Insurance and Laws

Common School Insurance Requirements

  • Policy maximum of at least $50,000

  • Relatively Low Deductible

  • Mental Health Coverage

  • Maternity Coverage of at least 80%

  • Pre-existing Condition Coverage

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage

  • Repatriation of Remains Coverage

Laws/responsibilities as an international student

  • Maintain a valid passport

  • Maintain full-time enrollment

  • Only accept employment that is officially authorised by the U.S

  • Do not travel outside the US without proper documentation

  • Apply to postgrad before graduating the undergrad course

  • Can be employed in on-campus part-time work as a student assistant for under 20 hours a week AND fill out a JP-11 on the OCC website

  • Can be employed in practical training to do with students major study